Mission Statement:
To provide an education integrated with a Reformed Christian world view, based on the infallible Word of God, consistent with the God-centered teaching received at home and church.
Gen. 26: 22b
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News & Events

  • October 24
    Lee Academy Cross Country Meet
  • October 25
    Fall Breakfast Fundraiser
  • October 29
    Sub Lunch
  • October 31
    Buffet Dinner Fundraiser
  • October 31/Nov 1
    Secondary Boys Volleyball and Girls Basketball OCCSSAA Tournaments
  • November 5
    Secondary Mid-Semester Progress Reports
  • November 6 & 7
    PD Days (ACSI Teachers Convention)
  • November 12
    Pizza Lunch
  • November 12
    Supermarket Day
  • November 19
    Mission Bake Sale Grade 9 Hosting
  • November 20
    Tri-School Creative Writing Competition @ RCS
  • November 19
    Mission Bake Sale Grade 9 Hosting
  • November 26
    Sub Lunch
  • November 28
    Elementary Term 1 Progress Reports
  • November 29
    RCS Bazaar

What's New

The Jack Westerink Scholarship for Christian Studies
To qualify for $2500 per year of study at a qualifying institution the students must have the following criteria -the student must have attended RCS for a minimum of his/her las two years (4 semesters) -the student has been accepted at a Canadian Christian institution in a 4 year under-grad or a 5 year B.Ed. program (the insitution must offer a B. Ed degree) -the student has the highest overall average in the top six 4U or 4M courses with an overall average mark of at least 75 % -the student must show proof of full time enrollment and successful completion of each year to receive subsequent annual scholarships.

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